My reporting on disaster recovery in south Louisiana: 

In August 2020, I began covering the aftermath of Hurricanes Laura and Delta for Southerly. Three of these stories were supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Center's Connected Coastlines Project, and several have been re-published by local and national outlets, which I've noted below. Since then, I've continued reporting on the continued disasters across south Louisiana; you can find all of my stories compiled below.

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Me interviewing Lisa Morgan in Lafayette, La in December 2020. Photo by Katie Sikora.

After hurricanes, it’s harder than ever for Lake Charles’ Black residents to cast a ballot (10/21/2020) 


Supported by Pulitzer Center; re-published by The Current and Louisiana Illuminator

Opposite: early voting in Lake Charles. Photo by Katie Sikora.

‘They’re so weary’: Louisiana teachers recover from back-to-back hurricanes during the pandemic (12/17/2020)

Supported by Pulitzer Center; co-published with The Hechinger Report; re-published by Louisiana Illuminator.

Opposite: Lisa Morgan, a high school teacher in Lake Charles.

Photo by Katie Sikora.

‘It’s just a vicious cycle’: Evictions, homelessness surge in southwest Louisiana after hurricanes (2/17/2021)

Supported by Pulitzer Center; re-published by The Current and Louisiana Illuminator.

Opposite: Sasha Miller, a single mother in Lake Charles who became unhoused as a result of the hurricanes. Photo by Katie Sikora.



Field Notes: How we reported our series on Hurricane Laura recovery (3/22/2021)

Photo by Katie Sikora.


How southwest Louisiana mobilized to shelter unhoused people during the winter storm (2/26/2021)

The population of Lake Charles, La. shrank more than any U.S. city in 2020 (4/20/2021)

The slow road to getting vaccinated after back-to-back hurricanes (5/5/2021) Co-published with The Current

‘Hurricane fatigue’: Gulf Coast emergency managers still rebuilding as they prep for more storms (5/26/21)

‘People are wiped out’: Costs pile up as hurricane season begins (6/23/21) Co-reported and co-published with the Texas Observer

How we made a mental health resource guide for southwest La. residents (6/30/21)

‘Communities shouldn’t have to rely on miracles’: A conversation with Samantha Montano (7/21/21)

‘Homesickness for a place you haven’t left’: A conversation with Stephanie Soileau (8/2/21)

A year after Hurricane Laura, southwest Louisiana ‘still in limbo’ (8/27/2021)

‘Life-threatening situation’: FEMA says power outages—not just storm damage—may qualify Louisiana residents for aid (9/4/21) Co-published with The Lens NOLA

As initial FEMA deadline approaches, some applicants describe trouble getting evacuation aid (9/10/21) Exclusively for The Lens NOLA

‘Do I even qualify?’: Deadline looms for $500 FEMA aid following Ida (9/21/21) Co-published with The Lens NOLA

How to navigate FEMA aid: Advice from a former employee (9/23/21)

Louisiana’s new hurricane survivor sheltering program could be a model for the future (10/27/21) Re-published by the Louisiana Illuminator and the Houma Courier




Other dispatches as Southerly's Gulf Coast Correspondent:

The multibillion dollar question: What will it take to fix the South’s broken water systems?

Nobody warned Texans about the public health risks of the winter storm, co-reported & co-published with the Texas Observer

The key environmental policy priorities for the South, according to experts

How faith leaders organized to win two major environmental victories in Louisiana, co-reported with Sara Sneath

Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: A Q&A with General Honoré

This coastal Mississippi city plagued by environmental hazards has a history of police violence

‘It’s a movement’: Generations of Gulf Coast residents protest police violence, racism

Photos: New Orleans sanitation workers strike for protections and better pay

Struggling Florida Panhandle towns face tough reopening decisions

Coal ash pond remains on Alabama coast despite pollution, hurricane risk

At ‘ground zero’ of BP spill, Louisiana community confronts new oil and gas project


Misc. Journalism: 

‘We don’t want to die here.’ Detained immigrants protest amid pandemic, Scalawag Magazine


How Louisiana's oil and gas industry uses prison labor, Powerlines Project (co-published by Scalawag Magazine, Southerly Magazine, and the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University).


Neighbors helping neighbors: a list of coronavirus mutual aid efforts in the SouthScalawag Magazine

High stakes for the climate in Louisiana electionsScalawag Magazine

Medical neglect, illegal detention, and retaliation in ICE's Deep South strongholdScalawag Magazine


20,000 AT&T workers in the South went on strike--and wonScalawag Magazine

Winning labor rights in the South means changing state lawsScalawag Magazine 

How communities are fighting to save New Orleans from an Airbnb takeover, Scalawag Magazine

Old Bridge, New CliquesDown East Magazine

The South's Ellis Island, The Bitter Southerner, featured in the The Bitter Southerner Reader: Volume 4





The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience, 64 Parishes, Summer 2021 issue

At the new Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience, seder plates and slave receipts, The Forward

Be for a Blessing, The Oxford AmericanSummer/Fall 2020 issue

Two Houses on the Eatonton-Milledgeville RoadThe Bitter Southerner

'Watching Donald Glover's Atlanta is like gaining an education,'The Guardian

Knowing Phyllis AustinDown East Magazine 

This Little Light of Mine,The Bitter Southerner

Descendant, Jewish Literary Journal